My name is Giovanni Toraldo, I was born in Lucca (Italy) and I am an Open Source enthusiast with SuperCow Powers, a PHP/Java/Ruby/whatever developer, writer of the OpenNebula 3 Cloud Computing book, lead developer at ClouDesire, medieval crossbower during the weekends.

Feel free to reach me on LinkedIn for working purposes, but I am currently not open to any new working opportunities. My resume (CV) is here.

You can send me coffes via one of the following cryptos:

  • BTC: 12QnftpDzxdkobFErKj5zM4nkrZtbat3HK
  • LTC: LewicmDTgj4jdS9kPCDEQrzwi75M4tzYqb
  • ETH: 0x704e6c2D1b4eC81d6A58723CD5c765F2428f4B85
  • Ripple: rnQWduKfEEDTg2TZC98svz6hAjHxvR4Nd6
  • Vertcoin: VuvmP78MVnnaqpjfGAatmDr9VHeigHGKjM
  • Dash: XybkzE71Ei6TyhqLHtDjgCQigmHjH9bAdd
  • Zetacash: t1TMkB3njVSjSWkYC8Tpgwth9XPBHp27gCK
  • Bcash: qqffjl354p5pajmc7a77unnrg6zj89peag7pm5sslx