The essential OpenSource Software for your Mac

How many of you will never buy a mac for it’s price and for the prices of his dedicated software? Nowadays the history is changed, there is a lot of OpenSource Software ready for you and for your Mac (and Linux, and Windows..) Here is a list with a description of all the software I currently use on my laptop.

  • Adium: one of the best piece of software for mac. If you want to chat with friends and collegues, you can't not use it
  • AppCleaner: a problem of Mac is the absence of some sort of uninstaller for application. You simply put the application in the trash, but the user settings remains in your home. With AppCleaner you can remove them automatically.
  • AppFresh: useful for keeping an eye on the update state of your installed application
  • Burn: on Mac you can simply use Finder for burning files, but sometimes you need something more refined. Burn, it says everything.
  • CyberDuck: the ftp/ftps/scp/s3 uber client. You need it, I know.
  • DropBox: it's a commercial cloud storage service, but it has a free account with 2 Gb of free spaces for your documents. It's very good for sharing files with friends, to keep backup copies of your important documents and to keep in sync documents on different worktstation
  • FireFox: probably you are already using it
  • Gimp: I don't have many pretending for a photo editor, so GIMP will fit perfectly for me
  • iBackup: frequently TimeMachine is enought for many people, but not for all. If you need something more powerful and refined than TimeMachine, go with iBackup
  • Nocturne: if you often work on dark light, you probably you find this little tool very useful. It will reduce notably the illumination effect of your monitor, even when you have the brightness level to minimun
  • OpenOffice: Office replace, it works, don't blame us with "My Word doesn't bla bla bla"
  • Smultron: it's a text editor, there are so many out, pick up your preferred (or leave yours in the comments)
  • Thunderbird: I don't use very much desktop user agent for mail, Gmail do it better, but I you need, here you are
  • TimeTracker: time is money, keep track of it! Very useful when working on different project at the same time
  • Transmission: if you are a torrent user, you will certainly like transmission. It has a nice web interfaces, so you can manage you download even when you are out of home
  • VirtualBox: it's a virtualization solution I prefer. I will discuss deeply of it in a new article.

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