I am writing this article for sharing my actual setup on my recently bought MacBook Pro Unibody.

After some week, I managed how to make a third-boot system with rEFIt, having MacOS, Windows (I like enjoying some videogame, the last was Fallout 3), and Debian GNU/Linux. I wasn’t very satisfied with this choice, because i wasted a lot of my 300 GB hd, and the hardware support in Linux wasn’t has in MacOS:

  • Soundcard not supported by alsa [bug: #4432]
  • The nvidia proprietary driver fails to detect the integrated 9400 chip, so I was forced to use the 9600GT, which is a waste of battery lifetime when I am not gaming
  • The only good way to share documents between OS is thru a HFS+ paritition with journaling disabled.

So I preferred to try out MacOS as my first operating system for dealing out with browsing, mailing, chatting and listening to music. For the working aspect, I can’t find something good and flexible like a Debian GNU/Linux system: so I installed VirtualBox and installed linux on it.

Now I split my experience in two separated articles: